Friday, April 18, 2008

Walk and Stay Fit

Walking is a great exercise. Walking improves your heart rate since it circulates the blood to whole of the body and maintains good health by controlling weight, strengthening heart and bones, and reducing cholesterol.
Study reveals that walking for 45 minutes to 1 hour a day itself can drastically reduce fat to a high extent. Walking can be considered as breathing. It is a good aerobic activity that introduces you to other activities. However fitness trends go, walking is inexpensive and pretty much open to all ages. You can walk anytime and almost anywhere you like to go.

Did you know that walking up the stairs to a fifth-floor office adds 500 steps? And if you park your car in the farthest corner of the parking lot, you could tack on another 500?

Every step you take also improves your health by controlling weight, strengthening heart and bones, and reducing cholesterol.

Here are some of the benefits of Walking:

* Walking is good for the heart.
* Walking helps overcome depression.
* Walking helps to burn fat.
* Walking helps over come sleeplessness.
* Walking helps to increase the body activity and provides flexibility.
* Walking helps fight against stress and aids in relaxation.
* Walking improves the posture.

Back Exercises for Women

Women do a lot of exercise to prevent back pains and to get fit and energetic in life. Hence here is way to discover the Back exercises and workouts designed for women and get her energy back.

Back Training is considered to be very difficult due to the fact that the back cannot be seen directly while working out. Therefore, it is important that women should develop a connection of mind and muscle. The women should focus on contracting the muscles harder especially at the top of the contraction for 1-2 seconds.

Now it is time to understand and implement the back exercises which can be the cheapest return of money over energy.

* Chin Ups – The Chin Ups are one of the most important exercises to build Back muscles. Chin Ups should be performed in regular intervals to make the best returns for your gym time so don’t commit mistake on this regards. Chin Ups is the best exercise for you entire upper body and shoulder girdle.
* Lat Pull downs - They are an alternative to chin ups to build and widen the Upper lats.
* One arm Rows - This is an excellent exercise as it forces your body to develop bilateral strength and also makes up for any muscle imbalances.
* Bent Over Barbell Row - The Bent-Over Row builds thickness in the upper back and uses the lower back and abs to stabilize the body during the movement.
* Seated Rows - As already mentioned it is more of an isolated exercise for middle back and you can add it for variety.

Exercise and women: The Real Unbeatable Challenge.

We all know that exercise is supposed to be good for us. But regular exercise has unique importance in the lives of women. If we could put the benefits of exercise in a little pill, we’d be popping them every day!

Regular physical activity has been associated with the following benefits:

• Reduces risk of developing non-insulin dependent diabetes, a new American health epidemic associated with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle;

• Lowers the incidence or progression of colon cancer and may have a preventive effect on other types of cancer as well;

• Improves balance, prevents falls and helps you to stay independent as you age;

• Improves sleep patterns;

• Increases energy;

• Can decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis if performed properly;

• Reduces risk of developing cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in women;

• Prevents weight gain, helps with weight loss and is critical in keeping the fat off once you’ve lost it;

• Lowers risk of osteoporosis and builds bone or slows bone loss;

• Enhances your overall mood and feelings of well-being;

• Increases stamina, strength and flexibility; allowing you to perform a variety of work, home and recreational activities;

• Helps you to live longer (Really!) and increases fun, confidence, camaraderie, pride, relaxation, sense of achievement and more…

Friday, April 4, 2008

Better Abs exercise for a perfect look

To look fit and healthy one should take care of his health. The topic on which I am going to discuss today is: Abs
You all know, its very difficult to get good abs. A perfect look comes with perfect abs muscles which need to be worked out on a regular basis.
Thus I am going to share few ideas to train abs muscles that will help your stomach look better.
1. Repeating the exercise every time will not reduce fat: Workout with Abs depends on quality and not quantity. Hence, doing 20-25 crunches all the time will not work. It is wrong.
2. You should not do ab work in every workout. Your abs are like all other muscles in the body, they need rest. If you keep on exercising on abs and breaking the muscles down, they cannot recover to gain the results you want.
3. You should increase the range of motion by using a fit ball or some towels placed underneath your mid to lower back. This will increase your flexibility and you will feel light and tall.
4. Always prefer to train your abs at the end of your routine except under the circumstances that they've been already worked during a core training routine.
5. You should try not to give yourself too much rest in between the set of the ab exercises. You should perform 10-15 repetitions and rest not more than 20-30 seconds between sets and make sure that you don’t take a health drink or water or food in between, this can affect your health adversely.
6. Always keep a point that you should keep on changing the exercises you perform. Try not to stay with the same routine every time. Try different exercises after some time and keep switching to next ones.

Healthy Women: World Health Day

It’s a couple of days more and the World Health Day is approaching on April 7th. Thousands of events take place around the world on this occasion, since health is the most important aspect of life. When a person is healthy, he can concentrate more on his work or other stuffs. Hence, he lives a happy life.
The well being of a family is directly linked to the health and survival of the women in the family. This in turn is guided by the environment in which she lives. The theme of World Health Day for the year 2008 is: Protecting health from the adverse affects of climate change. Hence the women should take care of her health since its great to be healthy.
Team Oxygenfit, on the occasion of World health day wishes the best health to every one.

Exercise Ball and its Benefits

Exercise Balls has become very popular equipments now a days and many of the fitness Centers provide them as a routine exercise tool.
Even the Skilled Athletes use the Exercise balls which helps them to make regular exercises more challenging.
When a Swiss ball is used to do crunches, for example, the abdominis rectus is used just more than once. Many of the supporting nearby muscles has to help out, acting as stabilizers, and hence the exercise becomes much more powerful and effective than if you were on a mat doing simple crunches. The same goes for an endless list of traditional exercises. The exercise ball can really be considered as a great innovation to the fitness industry.
If you spend half an hour a day working with an exercise ball, it is enough to get a great shape pretty quickly.
• Improve your flexibility. You can perform some great stretches especially for your back and abdominal region to increase your flexibility and feel taller and thinner.
• Make yourself more graceful. When you work with an exercise balls, you get trained to balance yourself even when you are in motion, a skill that is really required in every movement you make.
• Work steadily to progress your body to a greater extent. You can increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise you perform using an exercise ball. So you can progress steadily and shape your body.
Exercise balls come in a variety of sizes, to fulfill the needs of people of different heights.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reduce stress: Meditate

Meditation is an intensely personal and spiritual experience. Meditation is the best way to reduce stress, feel free and get energized. By meditating on can regenerate the lost energy. Moreover meditation calms the mind and makes us think positively. By meditating one looks forward in positive direction. Meditation totally transforms one’s state of mind. Meditation awakens the inward state of mind.

The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatio, which originally indicated every type of physical or intellectual exercise, then later evolved into the more specific meaning “Contemplation.”

How to meditate

Meditation usually involves turning attention to a single point of reference. The practice may engender a higher state of consciousness. Hence meditation can increase the concentration of the mind. After meditating one feels better, stress relieved and energized. So guys, try to meditate atleast 5 minutes a day and see the change in your life style in days.